free vector clipart Merry, Merry Christmas !!

Merry, Merry Christmas !!
A card I did with help of many elements from openclipart, particularly:
- snowflakes from arvin61r58, theresaknott, mobius, spacefem, dark_schmoo, molumen and lazur-urh (hope did not forget anyone);
- Nice Santa from buon-natale2012-by-scigola-173851;
- Card layout from christmas-card-by-uwesch-173835;
- Tree decorations from keistutis, lemonade, jarda, scigola and merlin2525;
- Tree from tree-silhouettes-by-chrisdesign-8764;
- Gifts from glitch, keistutis and monsterbraingames;
- Funny reindeer from funny-reindeer-by-cyberscooty-189656; :-)
- "Christmas" word from christmas-by-buggi-189438;

Many thanks to and peace to all.

Tags: Christmas, Santa, Snowflakes, Xmas

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