free vector clipart Software Carton Box with no Text (remix)

Software Carton Box with no Text (remix)
Software Carton Box with no Text (remixed illustration from the excellent work of "") - Boîte en carton pour logiciel sans texte - Software Karton ohne Text - Cartone per software senza testo

Tags: media, clipart, public, domain, image, svg, vector, graphic, sign, symbol, icon, domaine, vecteur, graphique, signe, symbole, icône, Medien, Bild, Vektor, Grafik, Zeichen, Symbol, Ikone, immagine, vettore, vettoriale, grafica, segno, simbolo, icona, software, carton, box, package, logiciel, carton, kit, Schachtel, Karton, Satz, Packung, cartone, scatola, remix, no, text, sans, texte, ohne, senza, testo

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